Sump Pumps

JLP Plumbing – Sump Pumps are used to remove water that accumulate in a sump pit. Sump pits are typically placed in basements or crawl spaces beneath a home. The purpose of sump pits is to collect water in one place for easy drainage to a place away from the home or building. Water may build up because of a high-water table, drainage from a collection system or direct run-off.

JLP Plumbing Does Installation and Repairs for Sump Pumps
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Replacement pumps
Like any equipment with moving parts, sump pumps will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. There is no general rule on how often a sump pump should be replaced since it depends on how often the pump operates.

Test Regularly
It is important to test your sump pump regularly to make sure it will operate when the next big downpour occurs. Test it by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. The pump should turn on, remove the water from the pit and shut itself off in a matter of seconds.

Ejector Pumps
You may also have what is called an ejector pump in your basement. It is designed to pump sewage to an overhead sewer or septic field. It should have two pipes coming out of a sealed cover. One pipe is the pump discharge to the sewer and the second is a vent usually going out through the roof.
Whether you’re replacing your existing system or installing a new system, we have a full line of both Primary Sump Pumps and Battery Operated Back Up Sump Pumps.

Backup Sump Pumps –Battery and Non-Battery/Electrical
If your primary sump pump fails, having a backup sump pump installed will ensure that your home doesn’t get flooded. Non-battery powered backup sump pumps are connected to your home’s power grid. If the power should happen to go out, such as during a strong storm, a battery-powered backup sump pump will keep working to protect your basement.

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There are so many people consider living in a home without a garbage disposal as living in the dark ages. It is simply an essential part of most people’s lives. It offers many different benefits which you can enjoy on a near daily basis. By knowing the different benefits you can get from a garbage disposal installation, you may find yourself scrambling to get one installed in your home. Here is a list of the top five benefits you get from having a disposer in your home.

  • Saving Money – assist in breaking down trash that would clog your drain
  • Lighter Trash – lower the number of times you will be taking out your trash
  • Fewer Leaks – no more clogs means no pressure build up and therefore fewer leaks
  • Easier Clean Up – wipe your crumbs and your mess directly into your kitchen sink
  • Better Smelling Kitchen – It eliminates the food immediately, before having it sit around in the garbage bin


  • Do not put your hand into the disposer.
  • Do not put bones, metal or stringy material down garbage disposer.
  • Keep hard objects out. This includes plastic, rubber & metal as well as bones & gristle unless your owner’s manual says you can put them down.
  • Use a strong flow of cold water when grinding waste. The cold will help harden grease so that it doesn’t clog the disposer or drain line. The water flow will make sure the ground up waste passes into the sewer & doesn’t clog your drain lines.
  • Leave the water running for a minute after you finish grinding.
  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners in the disposer.