Drain Replacement

At JLP Plumbing, drain replacement is one of their specialties. What sets them apart from the others, is they genuinely care about their clients and their Homes & Businesses. That’s why they make use of the latest “no dig” technologies whenever possible when replacing drains. Which means they would replace drains without tearing up your lawn or beautiful garden.

If you find yourself in need of a new drain, give JLP Pluming a call and one of their expert plumbers will discuss all options with you.

Listed below is some information on the most common ways JLP Plumbing will replace your drain. 

Pipe Bursting

This technique allows us to punch out the old drain while installing a new one at the same time. Pipe bursting requires an entry and exit point, and can replace an entire drain completely with minimal disruption to your property.


If a drain has collapsed, the only way to repair it is by excavation. Tree roots will cause the pipe to collapse as the tree exerts tremendous force from above while the foundation gets eroded below.

Drain Re-lining

This is a tried and tested method which involves placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe, without the need for any excavation and with minimal disruption.

A clogged drain is a true emergency. It must be done fast and it must be done right. JLP Plumbing Does Drains at an extremely affordable price for their customers, Call them directly @ (905) 626-2434