Cottage Plumbing

Protect your Cottage investment and your family’s health.

Avoid any damage to your investment property or cottage.  It is expensive repairs that are caused by leaking water pipes.  Be sure the quality of the water you or your family is using is clean and safe with an annual, thorough, and professional inspection of your cottage’s plumbing system.

JLP Plumbing specializes in servicing cottages and providing professional plumbing maintenance and service year-round throughout Ontario, Simcoe County, Kawartha Lakes, and the Muskoka Region.

Whether you’re preparing to open the family cottage to kick off another summer season in the sunshine, or shut it down for the winter as autumn’s chill settles in, call on our plumbing experts to make sure your plumbing system is adequately prepared.

Inside and Outside Cottage Plumbing Services

Perform Bi- annual cottage plumbing services to prevent frozen or leaking water pipes and safeguard the quality of your water. JLP Plumbing provides peace of mind.

The weather has a significant impact on inside and outside plumbing systems. The levels of naturally occurring phosphorous and coliform (bacteria) like Ecoli that exists in your water supply and soil.

The experts at JLP Plumbing will inspect, test, and recommend repairs, treatments, or new installations for your cottage, including:

  • The quality of your drinking and washing water
  • Ultraviolet water purification, sterilization, and filtration systems
  • Bathrooms and kitchens infrastructures
  • Above-ground and underground water pipes
  • Water pumps, sewage lines, septic tanks
  • Bio-Smart organic sewage treatment to clean pipes, outhouses, and septic systems
  • Heating lines for winter water supplies
  • Foot valves, pressure tanks, new water lines

Emergency Plumbing When You Really Need It
Do you have a plumbing emergency at your cottage? No need to panic. The expert at JLP Plumbing will respond to your plumbing emergency quickly. They will quickly assess your plumbing emergency and provide you with the cost to repair it. There are no hidden fees and will provide you with more than one repair recommendation, which is best for your budget.

If you have an emergency Call JLP Plumbing @ (905) 626-2434